Back Up

If you are in a hurry, Back Up is a fun no prep and no set up game. Find some willing participants and you’re ready to go!



GAME TIME – 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Start with Teams of 2 (add from there)


Chances are, you have either played or seen some version of Back Up before (also called Back to Back). Pair everyone up in groups of two. Have them sit on the floor, with their backs to each other and knees up in front of them. They will also link arms (elbow to elbow).

Once they are in position, have each pairing try to stand up by leaning back into their partner. Generally speaking, it’s not too hard for just two people, but this is where you begin to step it up. Have each successful pairing find another group and repeat the game, but now with four (one facing each way).

The only rule is that they must back up to stand and can not use their hands and are not allowed to go to their knees to stand.

Keep the game going to see how many your group can do. As you get larger, you will need to get into a more rectangular shape. I’ve seen groups get into the teens and heard of others who have been able to get up to 25!

We’d love to see a video from your group, so feel free to share a link in the comments section!


1. Have some upbeat music on in the background to create a fun atmosphere.

2. If you have a really large group, have multiple large groups (15 or more) that try to compete against each other.

3. Use the game in a lesson to talk about the power of team work.

4. Award your winner(s) a back scratcher and let them know you “have their back.” (yep, we just went super cheesy!)

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