Lemon Launcher

I’ll admit it, some games are just more fun than others. Lemon Launcher is one of those games!

Get your group together and get ready for some high-flying lemon madness.

PREP TIME – Varies (1-5 minutes)

ITEMS NEEDEDWater Balloon Launcher (individual or larger), lots of Lemons!, Targets (optional)

GAME TIME – 20-30 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Varies (individual for single launcher, 3 for larger launchers)


Lemon Launcher is an awesome game that your group is sure to get into. You will need to find a large, open area (a field or empty parking lot work great) before you start. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLEAR OF ANYTHING THAT CAN BE DAMAGED.

If you are short on space, consider using a softer, more airy item to shorten the field. Tennis balls are a great alternative. They still fly far, but carry far less impact.

You can play a couple different ways:

Target Practice

Set up targets for teams to try and hit. We recommend large chalk circles on the ground if you’re on the blacktop. If you are in a field, use string/yarn/rope to set up some areas on the ground. You can also have upright targets that they can try to hit as well.

Give teams 10 lemons and 2-3 minutes. Whoever racks up the most points wins!

Long Distance

My favorite is just going for distance. It’s amazing how far a lemon can travel! If playing with individuals, give them 3 attempts. If teams (two holders and one launcher), give them 5. You get far more distance with teams, though the execution takes a couple of tries to perfect.


1. Have them label or draw on their lemons so you know which ones belong to who. Have a few Sharpies on hand to make marking them simple.

2. If you have a large group, have a few extra water balloon launchers on hand. You can stagger lemon launches and get through more in a shorter amount of time.

3. You will probably need more lemons than you think. If you play in a field, some may be reusable, but groups usually get pretty intense and they want to keep going.

4. We already mentioned it, but it is worth restating: make sure you are clear of anything that could be damaged. You can also play with softer items if you are short on space since they generally travel less distance and the impact won’t be significant. Rolls of TP work great!

5. This game is great for TikTok or putting together a Reel on Instagram. Make sure to tag everyone in the video and pics.

6. Award Lemondheads or a fresh bottle of lemonade to the winners!

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