Waffle Mania – 5 Fun Waffle Games

Today we present Waffle Mania – 5 Fun Waffle Games. These are 10 simple games that you can play with your group for one event or over the course of several weeks. Play them all or pick your favorites, either way, Waffle Mania is coming your way!

PREP TIME – Varies

ITEMS NEEDED – Varies (all games include waffles)

GAME TIME – Varies



In a slight departure from our regular set up, we are going to share 5 great games you can play with waffles. If you are going to play multiple waffle games, give it a name. You can hold your own Waffle Olympics or Waffle Mania Night!

Game 1 – Waffle Toss

See who can toss a frozen waffle the furthest. Play individually or as teams (2-4). For teams, an individual will toss the waffle and the next person simply picks it up there and tosses it again. Whichever team or individual has the longest distance is the winner.

Note: The more cooked and harder (or frozen) they are, the further they will travel.

Game 2 – Waffle Ball

Set up two goals and a field of play. Split the group into two teams and let them know that the goal of the game is to toss a frozen waffle into/through the goal. They must toss the waffle to each other up and down the field. They are only allowed to take three steps with the waffle before they either shoot or pass. If they fail to do so, or if a team does not catch the waffle, it goes to the other team.

Introduce more waffles into the mix as the game moves along.

Game 3 – Waffle Shot

Grab a few empty storage baskets and set them up around the room/field. Participants will attempt to shoot frozen waffles into the baskets. Whoever gets the most points is the winner.

Alternative Game Play:

1. Place your group into teams and have them compete as a team.

2. Play an around the world version. Teams of 3 must work together to make one waffle into each basket, starting with the closest and then moving to the furthest away. Everyone is allowed to shoot their waffles at the last basket until someone makes it. Time teams and then let them compete against each other.

Game 4 – Sweet Waffles

Select a 4-8 people to come to the front and eat two or three waffles soaked in syrup… without their hands. First person done is the winner. If you have teams, award points in accordance to where they finish.

Make sure participants can be seen by the audience.

Game 5 – Waffle Pop

This waffle game is all about quickness. Place one letter of the alphabet on each card (one card per letter) and set the pile an equal distance away from each team (5-10 feet). Split into two teams and have them stand in two single file lines (if you have more teams, have them line up next to each other, equal distance from the index cards).

Place a toaster up front and let them know that their timer is the waffle. Once it pops up, time is up. Their goal is to name as many things in their category that begin with the letter written on the index card, which they will grab one at a time. For example, if the category is breakfast foods, team one will run to the cards, and select one. If it is “P”, then they would say “pancakes” and the next team can then run and grab a card. This goes on until the waffle pops.

Some category suggestions are:

  • Breakfast Foods (no cereals)
  • Cereals
  • Cartoons
  • Things You Should Do Before Noon
  • Articles of Clothing
  • Restaurants (Fast Food or Sit Down)
  • Schools (Colleges or Local Schools)
  • Superheroes
  • TV Shows (no cartoons)
  • Celebrities
  • Items in the Kitchen (no food)

Whichever team has is still attempting to guess loses, and the other teams are awarded a point. The first team to five is the winner. If you have a tie, you can have them compete against each other in an elimination round.

We suggest that you leave few letters out to keep the game moving. “Z” & “X” are most problematic.


1. Host a Waffle Mania game night and have a waffle bar for all who attend.

2. Give away frozen waffles (pick some up at Sam’s Club or Costco) or a mini waffle maker as a prize.

3. Take lots of pictures/video to put on social media and come up with a fun hashtag for others to share your event with their friends.

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