Sweeping Pumpkins

Sweeping Pumpkins is just about what it sounds like. It’s a fast paced relay game that works great for the season!

PREP TIME – 2-10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Pumpkin & Broom for Each Team, Tape or Chairs

GAME TIME – 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Minimum of 2 Teams of 5-10 (the more teams the better!)


To play the game, you will need to pick out similar sized pumpkins for each team. Because it can be hard to push the pumpkins with a broom, we recommend that you choose small to medium size pumpkins.

You will also need to mark off an obstacle course as well. Depending on the size of your space, you may elect to just have team sweep it down and back to their team. To do this, all you have to do is place a piece of tape on the floor (or use a chair that they can go around). If you choose to do an obstacle course, have several obstacles for each team to go around.

Have teams line up, with the first person from each team sweeping the pumpkin through the course. Once they are done, the next person will go. The first team to have everyone complete the course is the winner!


1. Have a couple of extra pumpkins on hand in case things get a bit too crazy.

2. If you don’t have a strong enough broom to push the pumpkins, you can tape off the ends to make it stronger with duct tape. Oars and hockey sticks also work – look on FB Marketplace or OfferUp to find some deals.

3. If you do an obstacle course, it helps to have some taped arrows on the ground to steer participants.

4. Have some fun upbeat music going to keep the energy up.

5. Mark each pumpkin with a team name or number to make sure they don’t get mixed up in the chaos.

6. Award the winning team a giant pumpkin or a small one for each team member!

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