Size It Up

Size It Up is the fun guessing game that will test your teams perception.

It’s also a great game to use as a teaching point. We all size things up, but sometimes we do so incorrectly. Talk to your group about how getting to know other helps shape a healthier and more realistic view of each other.

PREP TIME – 3-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Fruit (suggestions below), Measuring Tape/Ruler

GAME TIME – 5-8 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Everyone (Teams of 5-10)


Before you play Size It Up, make sure to measure out piece of fruit and do the simple math to figure out the answer.

MATH EQUATION: Item being measured divided size of fruit (use the fruit you will show them so they have an accurate measurement)

Most of your measurements won’t convert exactly, so round your measurements.

  • How many bananas tall is the Statue of Liberty? (305 feet 1 inch)
  • How many kiwis long is the Nile River? (4,258 miles or 22,482,240 feet)
  • How many grapes long is the world’s longest toenail? (6 inches)
  • How many oranges long is the world’s longest fingernail? (51 inches)
  • How many small carrots long is a 2016 Volkswagen Beetle (168 feet 4 inches)
  • How many pieces of celery tall is the world’s largest Santa? (51 feet)
  • How many apples tall is the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel? (550 feet)
  • How many strawberries long is the HOLLYWOOD sign? (350 feet)
  • How many blueberries tall is the Great Pyramid of Giza? (455 feet)
  • How many eggplants long is the Great Wall of China? (13,170 miles or 69,537,600 feet!)

While we use fruit for the game, your options are endless! If you’re short on time, use what you have around. Be creative and have fun with it.

The closest team to each item is awarded one point. The team with the most points at the end is the winner!


1. Take some extra time and put together a slideshow of the items the group is guessing.

2. Give teams a small whiteboard/chalkboard (paper & pen work too!) so they can write their guesses down to reveal all at once.

3. Have some light music playing in the background to enhance the game.

4. Award the winning team the fruit or items you played with!

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