Name the Christmas Movie PowerPoint Game

No time? In a rush? Then our Name the Christmas Movie PowerPoint Game is the game for you!

Name the Christmas Movie starts by covering up popular movie characters and scenes. Click through each slide to reveal more and more of the picture until someone guesses correctly. Have fun and see just how good  your group is at identifying some Christmas movie greats!!


ITEMS NEEDED – Screen to Display Trivia, Person to Run PowerPoint (you can do it with a remote)

GAME TIME – 10-20 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Divide into 2 Teams (can have more if you would like)


Simply click the Name the Christmas Movie PowerPoint link and your PowerPoint game is ready to go.

You will need to have someone (you can do with a remote) to scroll through the pics to reveal more each picture. Don’t wait too long to go the next slide, but give teams a moment to respond. The host needs to be watching to see which team answers first.

To answer, someone from the team must stand up (have them sit down before if they are not already doing so). They must guess the title correctly (for example, it is “A Christmas Story” not “The Christmas Story”). If they add Dr. Suess’s on “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” or National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation“, that is fine.

If the first team guesses incorrectly, the second team will have five free slides to guess the correct answer. If they are incorrect, both teams can guess again.

If there is a tie at the end, ask each team to guess the year that Jingle All the Way was made (1996).

There is a tie-breaker question at the end should you need it.

NOTE: If you don’t want to use PowerPoint, you can download the Name the Christmas Movie PDF. It will work the same way, but you won’t have the ability to auto-set any timers.


1. Have some fun Christmas music playing while the pictures are being revealed.

2. Award the winning team some cookies and milk, or give away some Christmas gifts of your choosing!

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