Grab And Go

Grab And Go is a fun relay game that gets your group working together.

We recently played the game at a party and had a blast. We know it will be a hit for you as well, so get ready to get your grab on!

PREP TIME – 2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDEDGrabber, Set of Balls (suggestions: bouncy balls, golf balls, tennis balls, baseballs, dodgeballs, etc), and a Basket for each team

GAME TIME – 5-7 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Everyone (Teams of 5-10)


Before you play Grab And Go, have your teams line up in single-file lines next to each other, each with a basket next to the front of their line. Approximately 25-50 feet across from each group will be a pile of different balls. We suggest a mixture of some smaller, medium and one larger ball (bouncy ball, golf ball, tennis ball, baseball, dodgeball, ball of yarn, etc). You can have multiples of any of these for each group if you like, just make sure that each group has the same amount.

Note: If you are using a larger ball, make sure that your grabber is strong enough to support it.

The first person in line will then be handed their team’s grabber venture across the room and pick up a ball with their grabber (see pic below). They will then carry it back to their group and drop it in the basket. If the ball drops along the way, they must pick it up from where they dropped it and put it in the basket.

The first team to either get all the balls into the basket, or the most in the allotted time, is the winner!

Alternate Version

While we chose different types of balls, you can use anything as long as you have enough duplicates for all the teams. This opens up the game to a whole lot more options.


1. Make the hardest ball to pick up a “bonus ball” worth two points instead of one.

2. Have some fun music playing in the background.

3. Give the grabber to the MVP of the winning team. It’s amazing how much people love these things!

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