Around the House Scavenger Hunt

Around the House Scavenger HuntToday, we are catching up on our 40 free scavenger hunts with our Around the House Scavenger Hunt courtesy of Ray Hintz.

The Around the House Scavenger Hunt is awesome to play with a few friends, kids or guests (if you don’t mind them digging through your stuff!). Scavenger hunts are also a great for team building and an easy way to host a fun afternoon with your group.

If you decide to travel around to different houses, you may need a few bucks for gas, food and some prizes, but other than that, you are good to go.

Over the next 40 days, we will be sharing one scavenger hunt each day, but if you absolutely can’t wait to see them all or want them all in one place, you can download the Kindle version on Amazon!

Today, we continue our scavenger hunt list with a Toy Scavenger Hunt.

PREP TIME – 10-15 minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Drivers, PDF Printouts for Each Team, Prizes (optional)

GAME TIME – 3-4 Hours

PARTICIPANTS – Everyone (Teams of 4-5)


Print the Around the House Scavenger Hunt before you start. Once your group arrives, take a moment to determine how many teams you will need, separate your group into teams, and assign them drivers. If you’re at home, just give them a list and split into small groups or work together as a group.

Give each team a list of items to look for and send them out. Make sure to give them a time in which they need to be back.

Once they arrive back from the hunt, have them bring in their items to be scored one by one. Keep a record of their points and announce the top scores to the entire group, concluding with the winning team!

Stay tuned for more Free Scavenger Hunts. Happy Hunting!


1. Create an excel sheet for the items on the list and a breakout for the score. If you are unable to do so, have someone set it up! This will greatly expedite the tallying process. If you have a large group, have multiple people tallying scores.

2. Award the winning team some creative prizes that you might find around the house. If you want to be really fancy, get some gold spray paint and award the team the golden spatula!

3. Use social media to show off the event. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook work great.

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