Baking Badminton

Baking Badminton is one of the most fun and hilarious games your group will ever play! Trust us when we say that it’s going to be an instant classic!!

PREP TIME – 5-15 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – Baking Sheets for Each Player, Baked Goods (suggestions below), Tarp (if inside), Badminton Net or Adjustable Pickleball/Volleyball Set (recommended, but optional)

GAME TIME – 10-20 Minutes,

PARTICIPANTS – 2 Teams of 2-6 People (you can rotate players in if you would like)


You will need some room to play Baking Badminton. It will also need to be played in a space that is easy to clean up or you don’t care if it gets a bit messy.

Section an area off that is approximately the size of a volleyball court (smaller is okay) and create boundaries. If you don’t have lines, use Tape, a rope or markers to indicate your boundaries.

The goal of the game is just like badminton and volleyball, in that you want to serve your baked good over the net (if there is no net, just make a middle line and the rule is that it has to cross over). If it is hit over, the other team must try to hit it back over the net within three hits. If it lands in bounds, it is a point for the team that hit it over. If it lands out of bounds, the team that hit it last loses a point.

Instead of using a badminton racket, each player will be equipped with a baking sheet. We do caution each team to be careful when swinging the sheets, and highly recommend using disposable ones that are not so solid. You can usually find them at a dollar store.

The fun part of this game is that it gets crazy and messy! If a baked item falls apart as it’s being hit, the team with the least amount of the item on their side is the winner. We’ve listed several items you can play with, but donut holes (Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts) are the easiest item to hit.

  • Donuts (creme filled ones are fun to watch get destroyed!)
  • Cookies
  • Berries or Grapes
  • Slice Up Pieces of Banana
  • Biscuits or Rolls
  • Baguettes
  • Slices of Bread
  • Muffins (or mini muffins)
  • Marshmallows
  • Eggs (you could hard boil some and leave some raw!)
  • Whip Cream Covered Balloons
  • Pieces of Chocolate
  • Pieces of Candy
  • Piece of Cake
  • Mini Pies
  • Cream Puff

Whoever scores 10 points (you can go higher if you’d like) first is the winning team!


1. Use crazy items like a whole cake or even a pie. Stop by a bakery to see if they have some out of date food to donate or purchase at a discounted price. Things will get messy, but it is awesome!

2. The more people you have on the court at once, the more difficult it will be to hit the items over. While you can use six, we recommend using 2-3 players per team. Everyone may not be able to play, but it’s a great game to watch as well.

3. Award the winning team a cake, chef’s hat, apron or simply let them smash a whip cream pie into the faces of the losing team. Either way, it will be amazing!

4. Sell baked goods during the game as an additional fundraiser.

5. If there was ever a game to take pictures and video, this is it! Post pictures and video of the game, as well as the aftermath on social media to let everyone see the madness.

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