Popsicle Roulette

Popsicle Roulette is a mixture of sweet and gross frozen flavored fun! See what surprises lie inside and who has what it takes to finish their popsicle first.

Popsicle Roulette is a crazy fun and hilarious up front game. Shout out to James & Alysse Landa of Reclaim Youth for turning us on to it!

Before You Play

PREP TIME – 20 Minutes (plus time to freeze popsicles)

ITEMS NEEDED – Popsicle Mold(s), Popsicle Sticks, Kool-Aid Flavor Packets, Can of Beans, Hot Sauce, Peas

Game Info

GAME TIME – 5 Minutes


How to Play Popsicle Roulette

Before you play, you’ll need to prep the popsicles. For this game, you’ll have 4-6 participants, so you’ll need to have at least that many popsicles, though I recommend making a couple extra just in case you run into any issues.

Next, determine what kind of popsicles you want to make. We have some recommendations listed above, but you can get creative here. You may elect to have three regular fruit flavored (Kool-Aid) popsicles and three gag ones, go all gag popsicles or even mix them up (i.e. beans inside Kool-Aid popsicle!).

Your next move is to make the popsicles. Simply mix everything and put them into a mold. You can find plenty of popsicle mold options here for around $10.

Now that you’re ready to go, call six participants up to play. Place blindfolds on them and let them know that they’ll be playing Popsicle Roulette. Reveal to everyone the flavors that have been made, but don’t tell the players which one they will be eating.

From here, hand out a popsicle to each participant and let them know that the first person to finish wins a prize ($10 Amazon Cards work great!).

Popsicle Roulette Bonus Tips

1. Have a garbage just in case someone can’t finish.

2. Take the popsicles out of the molds beforehand and place them back in the freezer. This way you’ll know if you run into any issues before the game starts.

3. Record it all and take lots of pics! Tag everyone on social media and share the craziness with everyone.

4. Have some upbeat music pumping once they begin eating and have your host give a little play-by-play.

5. Award the winner a box of refreshing popsicles!

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